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Welcome to the Drostdy Theatre

We have a long standing commitment to our artists and patrons; supporting the theatre community and generating greater public interest in the arts.

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Our Story

The majestic Victorian building - now home to the Drostdy Theatre - on the corner of Alexander & Bird Streets in the historic heart of Stellenbosch - used to be a hotel, a home for the aged, and an office space...

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Digital Shows

Enjoy one of our Digital Shows from the comfort of your home. Brought to you by Drostdy Entertainment.



Mel die storieverteller

14 Junie 2024 - 20:15
Drostdy Teater 

Mel die Storieverteller is waarskynlik een van die grootste deurbraak komediante van 2023. Van internet sensasie na verhoog sensasie los sy gehore vriendelik verras en oppie-vloer van al die lag.

Dik Deurmekaar is haar tweede komiese stuk wat die lyne tussen "stand-up comedy" en 'n verhalende een-vrou vertoning vervaag.


Schalk Bezuidenhout

22 - 23 Junie 2024 - 19:00
Drostdy Teater 

Schalk Bezuidenhout is back and funnier than ever"... is what it would say if this was this just any old regular stand-up show! Because THIS show is not old... in fact it's brand new! And it certainly isn't regular because if it was then you wouldn't come watch, which you will. Or should at least!

Contact Us

Cnr Alexander St & Bird St, Stellenbosch

T: 079 699 5091


Thank you!

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