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Brought to you by The Drostdy Theatre


When the international pandemic crippled the world in March 2020, we were all forced to go into survival mode and had to “play many parts” to survive and help others survive. As South Africans, we have an unequalled spirit of innovative problem solving amidst the biggest challenges.  Therefore, it is no wonder that we moved outside our comfort zones to make things appear “normal” until the real normal arrives, not knowing when..

We at The Drostdy Theatre were no different. We decided to bring the arts to the people, with TV and internet as their only “stage” and quality recorded performances as the only substitutions for live shows. Artists and technical staff, management and audiences alike, had to adjust to this “new normal” of entertainment. 

Creating this digital entertainment platform brought much joy to the camera crew, technical staff, Drostdy Theatre management and artist alike. Amidst the hard work and abiding by the strict COVID-19 rules, we were proud that we've managed to record, edit and broadcast 13 top quality shows. These precious recordings are timeless, well documented and can still be enjoyed by all.


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