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We're hoping to host a number of exciting classes in the performing arts in 2019 including, among others, music lessons, short courses in the technical aspects of  theatre and musical productions, directing, marketing (ideal for upcoming artists) and lessons in a variety of dance styles.


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Klavier-, Klawerbord-, Dwarsfluit- en Teorie-klasse vir beginners tot gevorderde studente

 Enjoy a combination of group and individual lessons, allowing you to experience the joy and fun of learning an instrument. Be part of a structured ensemble that performs regularly, which emphasizes the positive influence of group learning, as well as peer teaching.  Individual lessons focus specifically on technique, posture and preparation for performances. 

Studente neem aan verskeie geleenthede gedurende die jaar deel:  uitvoerings by Drostdy Teater; musiekteaterproduksies, werkswinkels, gemeenskapsteater en ook musiekkompetisies en -eksamens van Trinity , UNISA en ABRSM (The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music).  

Waar musiek lewe / Where music lives. 

Kontak: Ronella van Rensburg  |  079 693 5457  |

Uitslae / Results 2017: 


Erkin Asefi: 

Passed LTCL (Trinity College London Licenciate) Piano Performance examination with 75%.  

Medal Winner Outstanding Achievement Advanced Phase Senior Piano @ Helderberg Eisteddfod

Certificate Winner Best Achievement 17 years Advanced Phase Senior Piano 


Gideon Serfontein: 

Medalje Wenner Uitstaande Prestasie Gevorderde Fase Dwarsfluit

Sertifikaat Wenner vir Beste Prestasie 17 jaar Gevorderde Fase Dwarsfluit


Elrie van Rensburg: 

Sertifikaat Wenner vir Beste Prestasie 16 jaar Gevorderde Fase Dwarsfluit


Luke Rein: 

Certificate Winner Best Achievement Solo Instrument 17 years Musical Entertainment 


UNISA Piano Examinations Oct 2017

Danie Conradie - Gr 6 Piano 82%

Hanno Coetzee - Gr 6 Piano 77%

Ben Lutz - Gr 4 Piano 71%

Vernon Simons - Gr 5 Piano 61%


ScoreS2Duo Flute Quartet - Cum Laude Helderberg Eisteddfod 

Ruben Rossouw - Eie komposisie Cum Laude

Erkin Asefi - Klassiek Cum Laude, Sonatine Cum Laude en Brahms / Prokofiev Program Cum Laude 

Danie Conradie - Barok A, Sonata A+ en Etude A+

Hanno Coetzee - Sonata A en Etude A+

Ben Lutz - Barok B+ en Modern B+ 

Uitslae / Results 2018: 


UNISA Results Practical examinations: 

Danie Conradie - Gr 7 Piano 91 (Ererol vir Uitblinkers) 

Hanno Coetzee - Gr 7 Piano 80 (Distinction) 

Steph Maree - Gr 1 Piano 88 (Distinction) 

Ben Lutz - Gr 5 Piano 81 (Distinction) 


UNISA Results Written examinations Nov: 

Ally Osborne - Gr 5 Theory 91 (Roll of Honours)

Marselle Slabbert - Gr 3 Teorie 82 (Lof) 


Helderberg Eisteddfod Prize Winners: 

Gideon Serfontein: Medal Winner Outstanding Achievement Advanced Phase Flute 

Certificate Winner Best Achievement 17 Advanced Phase Flute 

Ruben Rossouw & Ben Lutz: Certificate winners (Best achivement Piano Duo Senior Phase) 

Ruben Rossouw & Marselle Slabbert: Certificate winners (Best achievement Piano Duo Senior Phase) 

ScoreS2Duo Flute Ensemble: Best Ensemble Senior Phase 

Steph Maree: Medal winner (Outstanding achievement Foundation Phase Junior Piano) 

Steph Maree: Certificate Winner (Best Achievement 7 years Foundation Phase Piano) 

Danie Conradie: Certificate Winner (Best acievement 15 years senior phase piano) 

Elizna Horn: Certificate Winner (Best achievement 16 years advanced phase Flute) 


Stellenbosch Eisteddfod Prize Winners: 

Danie Conradie 15 years - best piano solo

Steph Maree 8 years - best piano solo 

ScoreS2Duo Flute Ensemble - best ensemble open category 


UNISA Theoretical Examinations Jun: 

Elrie van Rensburg Gr 6 Pass

Steven Norman Gr 6 Merit 

Luke Rein Gr 5 (Merit), Gr 4 Distinction 

Hanno Coetzee, Vernon Simons Gr 5 Pass

Ben Lutz Gr 4 Distinction 

Ruben Rossouw Gr 3 Merit 

Stehan Malherbe Gr 2 Merit 

Marselle Slabbert Gr 2 Distinction 

Trinity College London Practical Examinations 
Estelle Truter - Gr 7 Flute 70 (Merit) 
Ruben Rossouw - Gr 5 Piano 75 (Merit)
Marselle Slabbert - Gr 3 Piano 82 (Merit) 


Cnr Alexander St & Bird St, Stellenbosch

T: 079 699 5091